Worldwide Multiplication
of SAP License Expertise!

We close the gap in the market for SAP license expert know-how through an intelligent platform solution in combination with the provision of Expert know-how about our partners.

Our Mission

We have seen this time and again over the last few decades: Successful SAP license management requires more than just the use of a tool. SAP license management is more than just stupid counting and comparing. Successful intelligent SAP license management requires access to SAP expert knowledge and experience.

As expert knowledge is rare and many consulting companies fail to build up know-how in this area, Sandmeier Consulting has always been able to maintain and even extend its lead. However, this also limits access to this expert knowledge to the radius of Sandmeier Consulting.

With license one, we want to make the solution available worldwide in combination with expert knowledge by enabling local partners (all experts in the field of license management or IT purchasing, but naturally not very experienced in dealing with specific SAP license issues themselves) to transport the added value from decades of SAP license consulting to your customers and interested parties and thus competently close your own gap.

license one Partner

In a conflict-free partner network, we want to expand the competencies of our partners through an intelligent solution paired with the provision of the SAP license consulting expertise of the leading SAP license consultancy Sandmeier Consulting and reliably close gaps.

The aim is to multiply the know-how worldwide and celebrate successes together by jointly leveraging the potential for our customers and solving the risks (e.g. compliance conflicts).

Success here is first and foremost the success of the customer. But of course this also includes attractive margins for the partner.

Are you interested in becoming part of the license one partner network?

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